Study Results: What Is An Adjunct Nursing Instructor

what is an adjunct nursing instructor

After sending out more than 3,000 recruitment letters and holding a series of job fairs, the college has hired more MSN credentialed part-time faculty members. 67 percent of part-time nursing faculty will hold advanced degrees in fall 2013, Moran said. Marywood University in Pennsylvania is facing similar woes. Its nursing program’s accreditation was also revoked, but it too filed an appeal and now remains accredited with conditions. Students filed a lawsuit in June claiming that the university failed to disclose the accreditation status of the program. The lawsuit states that the nursing program's accreditation was originally revoked in part because the number of full-time faculty members holding a doctorate did not meet the 25 percent minimum the ACEN requires. However, Juneann Greco, a spokeswoman for the university, said in an e-mail that this was one item cited in the appeal, because the reference was to two part-time clinical faculty members (as opposed to full-time faculty) and they were employed prior to the time that the ACEN raised the standard. She said she was not able to comment further on the other issues raised in the ACEN's accreditation review. For institutions that are not feeling the immediate effects of nursing faculty shortages, the inevitable, looming retirements are a real fear. The average age of a doctorally prepared professor of nursing was 60.5 in 2010, says a report administered by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.

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